We are Family!

The Family Retreat is the newest program of kidz2leaders, inc. where the entire family of a Camp Hope camper is invited to a weekend away to Camp Twin Lakes’ Will-a-Way campground in Winder, GA. “We realized through discussions with parents and caregivers how hard it can be to make time for positive, meaningful family experiences. We wanted to provide the opportunity for families to escape their daily challenges, bond as a family unit, and grow together,” Director of Programs Christina Cummings said.

The program kicked-off in the spring of 2016 and is intended to be a glimpse into life at Camp Hope. Each retreat offers activities for the family like fishing, canoeing, archery, and biking, but with a much more relaxed schedule than Camp Hope so families can enjoy down time together. Mary and
her five children attended the first family retreat. Her son, Nick, has attended Camp Hope for four summers and his siblings enjoyed getting a taste of the fun Nick has each year. “The younger siblings get to see what they have to look forward to,” Mary said of the retreat, specifically thinking of her daughter Lilliana who is old enough to attend Camp Hope for the first time in May. But, it’s a weekend not just for the kids. “I get quality family time,” Mary said.

The parent bible study that occurs over the weekend is an important aspect of the retreat. The workshop is led by a volunteer who comes to facilitate conversation on God’s forgiveness and grace. “I’m blessed to share with these parents who are trying so desperately to make a better life for their children,” Barbara Lester said. Barbara has led the parent workshop at two different retreats and is always touched by the sharing and prayer that occurs in their few hours together. “It’s very powerful. The Holy Spirit is at work,” Barbara said, “Parents are sharing together that they are not alone.”

The weekend is a fun getaway for everyone involved, including the volunteers who come serve as “family buddies.” They get to know the families and help with activities. This event is a great entry point for someone who wants to get involved with Camp Hope, but isn’t able to get away for an entire week.

And, in only the way Camp Hope does, as the weekend comes to a close, the Camp Hope family tree grows as new relationships are made between the campers, siblings, parents, and volunteers

The next family retreat is coming up February 24-26. Family buddies are still needed – please consider joining us! Contact Christina to sign-up.


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